Vehicle Electrical Repair in Lonsdale, MN

Everything from the engine to the interior lighting is controlled by the electrical system, making it a vital part of any vehicle. Lonsdale Auto Works’ technicians have advanced tools to address your vehicle’s electrical issues.

We don’t usually think about our electrical systems until something goes seriously wrong. From dead batteries to misfiring alternators, problems with electrical systems are rarely convenient.

If you’re looking to diagnose, repair, or replace a component in your vehicle’s electrical system, look no further than the professional team at Lonsdale Auto Works. We offer decades of experience in the auto shop industry and manage hundreds of five-star reviews, ensuring every experience you have with our team exceeds all expectations.

Common Electrical System Issues

Various issues can occur with a vehicle’s electrical system, ranging from simple fixes like a blown fuse to more complex issues like a malfunctioning alternator or starter. Here are some of the most common electrical system issues we see at Lonsdale Auto Works:

Our Electrical System Repair Services

Lonsdale Auto Works offers trusted, high-quality electrical system repair services to Lonsdale, MN’s vehicle owners, and drivers. Whether you’re driving a brand-new car or a new-to-you vehicle, we can quickly identify electrical issues that prevent your vehicle from starting.

We repair and replace electrical components, including batteries, alternators, starters, wiring, and more! These components must work together to power your vehicle’s electrical needs—meaning the failure of just one part could dramatically impact the rest of the system.

If you’re worried about dead or failing electrical components causing damage to your vehicle, stop by Lonsdale Auto Works for a complete diagnostic and repair. We offer honest and authentic service with your needs in mind, and we can address issues of any severity in a time frame that works for you.

Signs You May Need Battery Replacement

Battery failure is one of the most common reasons your vehicle won’t start. But how do you know if you need a replacement? And is there an easy way to tell? You may need to replace the battery if:

  • There is no response on the ignition.
  • It takes a long time for your vehicle to start.
  • The engine starts but immediately sputters out.
  • The headlights seem darker or dimmer than usual.
  • There’s leaking or dried fluid near the battery tray.


It can be challenging to determine a failing battery without the help of a professional. Lonsdale Auto Works experts can determine your battery status. If your battery is old, dated, or out of charge, we can help you choose a suitable replacement.

Car Won't Start? Having Electrical Hassles? Contact Lonsdale Auto Works

Problems with your vehicle’s electrical system can be frustrating, confusing, and even scary. Thankfully, with the professionals at Lonsdale Auto Works by your side, it doesn’t have to be. We’ve helped thousands of Lonsdale locals determine the right action for their vehicle’s electrical system.

See why Lonsdale Auto Works leads the pack for auto electrical services in Rice County. Give us a call at (507) 744-3304. Stop by our shop at 616 Industrial Dr., SE Lonsdale, MN 55046.

KC Eyton


KC Eyton is our Light Duty Auto Technician where she serves in support for our other technicians and provides inspection, maintence and tire services and assists the front counter. KC has been with us since 2021.

Being an automotive technician at LAW has allowed me to learn & do what I’m passionate about. I enjoy the fast-paced environment filled with challenges & feeling a sense of accomplishment when I’ve used my knowledge & experience to solve an issue. I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful people who care about my personal well-being & professional growth. I love how my boss Scott constantly believes in me. He pushes me to take on projects that I think are way beyond my abilities. I am so grateful for the mentorship & support. This truly creates a family environment where everyone is there for each other. I love my job!

Chris Waskosky


Chris Waskosky is a Master Auto Technician and has an extensive background in vehicle diagnostics, powertrain management systems and electronics. Chris joined our team in 2011. Chris has a lifetime of mechanical experience from vintage steam engines, to carburetors, to the latest in high-tech modern automobile systems.

Along with having a fun work environment, I enjoy a variety of jobs I can do. One vehicle may be an oil change, but the next vehicle may be using a lab scope to find a communication problem between computers. Every day brings new vehicles and new challenges.

Denise Davis

Service Manager

Service Manger, Denise Davis joined our team in 2018. Her experience in customer service, retail sales as well as store & employee management is extensive.

Denise has a great ability to transform the complexity of modern automobiles into easy to understand explanations that help bring comfort & confidence to our clients. Whether dealing with a simple oil change or a complete engine replacement, she will take the time to explain the issues in a manner that is understandable and she provides our clients with the information required to help them make an informed decision about their vehicle repairs. She is always willing to help with whatever questions & concerns you may have.

Scott Palava


Lonsdale Auto Works was founded in 2005 by owner, Scott Pelava.

As an ASE-Certified Master Auto Technician, Advanced Engine Performance Specialist, Undercar Specialist, and Service Consultant, he saw the need for a more modern auto service center in the fast growing community of Lonsdale. A strong background in domestic and import vehicles helped formed the vision of what Lonsdale Auto Works is today.

Starting with one apprentice, he built a reputation for quality service and fair pricing. As the need arose, additional technicians joined his team to keep up with our customers’ need for fast, quality service.

Scott is also very active in the community. He is currently in his fourth term as a Lonsdale City Council Member. He has held numerous leadership positions with the local Boy Scout Troop and at the District and Council levels. He is the Past President of the Chamber of Commerce and a past member of the Lonsdale Lions Club.

Scott has been recognized multiple times for his contributions to the auto repair industry. In 2017 he founded ASOG (Auto Shop Owners Group) in an effort to provide support to other repair shop owners. The organization has grown to the largest in the world. As a result, Scott was named in the Top 100 People in World the Automotive & Transportation as well as listed in the Marquis Who’s Who of Business in America.